Gold star

A gold star for Ethos CRS

Sometimes, everything goes right. Tony Turner is the trainer for our presentations skills courses. As the former head of drama at the ANU and the author of a book on voice technique, we expect no less than success. However, last month he delivered two Giving persuasive presentations courses with particularly good results. Out of five, most Read more about A gold star for Ethos CRS[…]

Stop abusing capitals

Stop abusing cApItaL LeTtErS

By Robert Garran Once, in a conversation with a speechwriter from the Prime Minister’s Office, I commented on how ridiculous it was that public servants didn’t understand the rules about when and when not to use capital letters. I mentioned the bad habit of starting the word ‘government’ with a capital letter when used generically Read more about Stop abusing cApItaL LeTtErS[…]

Goofing off dog

Monitoring employees: Should you or shouldn’t you?

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend goofing off or checking Facebook at work? Certainly, managers and supervisors think about this—a lot. Some employers are now installing monitoring programs on employee computers. Programs now can keep track of how many hours employees spend on social networking or gaming sites; individual use can be Read more about Monitoring employees: Should you or shouldn’t you?[…]

Eating an elephant

Culture is a cruel mistress

By John Preston Radio—Created by Visnezh— On the ABC’s Radio National’s morning program the other day, presenter Fran Kelly chided Federal member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson MP. Henderson used the interview to persistently belt her political opponents rather than debating regional rail links between Geelong and Melbourne—the issue she had been invited onto the program Read more about Culture is a cruel mistress[…]

Annual reports calendar

Keeping the important stuff in mind: a tip for annual reports

It’s time to start piece of writing no one wants to hear about: annual reports. Generally, their mention makes people sob and horses bolt. True enough, the worst sort of annual report is stupefyingly dull. But these reports are required by statute, and can be invaluable for outsiders who want to look at the entrails of an Read more about Keeping the important stuff in mind: a tip for annual reports[…]

Robert b silvers

What makes a great editor?

By Robert Garran, A few weeks ago, my twitter feed lit up with tweets praising, of all people, an editor who had just died. I could have let them pass by—like so many tweets—but these tweets had great passion. So in a spare moment I followed the link. The tributes brought a tear to my eye: Read more about What makes a great editor?[…]

Anne Napier

Farewell to Anne Napier

On Friday we farewelled one of our leaders, Anne Napier. Anne started at Ethos CRS in early 2015 and worked tirelessly to expand the business and support our staff into their best roles. Anne headed up the regulation team, adding new facets to Ethos CRS’s expertise and headhunting the necessary experts. “Anne turned Ethos CRS from Read more about Farewell to Anne Napier[…]

457 Visas

457 visas—A horse for your communications wagon

By Emily Edmunds and John Preston The Easter long weekend was a busy one for the Prime Minister’s communications team. The Prime Minister’s polls were problematic: his party’s conservatives were restive, former prime ministers were offering unsolicited advice and Coalition voters seemed to be drifting away—many of them to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. The government had Read more about 457 visas—A horse for your communications wagon[…]

Commonly confused words

Commonly confused words

  From the Ethos CRS Editing Team If you want to discover words you’ve never heard of and never thought you’d use, bureaucracies—both government and corporate—can be the place to go. New terms, jargon, acronyms and euphemisms bombard you every day. And not only that—you may be expected to use them! Of course, the best Read more about Commonly confused words[…]