Analytical and critical thinking

Analytical and critical thinking

Complex policy and regulatory problems demand skilful analysis and critical thinking. Without this, positive change—underpinned by effective conclusions and recommendations—cannot and will not be delivered. Poor analysis and thinking leads to sub-optimal solutions and poor analysis and thinking by public agencies imposes a real and tangible cost on communities.

In Analytical and critical thinking, Ethos CRS has developed a practical workshop that builds the analytical and clear thinking skills of professionals. The result? Professionals who can examine complex problems and develop coherent, achievable and realistic solutions.

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Policy insights that make a better world

  • Introduction to policy
  • Advanced policy skills
  • Strategic policy: developing and
    implementing policy in a dynamic environment
  • Evaluating policy and programs
  • Program design and implementation
  • Nudge theory: positive outcomes
    with minimum interventions
  • Economics for non-economists
  • Science, policy and influence:
    presenting evidence to decision-makers
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