Why develop your skills to hold effective management conversations?

Ethos CRS and The Learning Deli have combined to create an eLearning program called Effective management conversations—under the name of Delphi Learning. Mary Harwood, a former Senior Executive Service officer in Australian Government, and Damien Opolski , a former Director in Australian Government, give us their thoughts on the program.  To learn more please get in touch with us.

A phrase to remember if you’re flying over the holidays

You hear new words almost every day, but sometimes you come across one that you just really like. Here’s one that stuck with me and one I think you’ll remember next time you’re travelling. The word is an evolution of the word ‘combobulate’ which is to put things back together. The context for the phrase is  Read more about A phrase to remember if you’re flying over the holidays[…]

Stepping up and letting go

For a manager newly appointed, letting go of the detail is sometimes a challenge. Promotion very often is based on a positive assessment of a candidate’s technical skills and understanding of detail. Leadership, however, demands an applied and subtle understanding of how a team best works together and how individuals are best supported in their Read more about Stepping up and letting go[…]

The boy who cried awesome—sensationalism in language

Writer: Susannah Bishop There was this young lad, a shepherd, whose main thrill for the day was to cry ‘help!’ ‘wolf!’ out loud, then lean back and watch with amusement as neighbours, friends and bystanders would attend in a frenzy, armed with spears and daggers, in his defence. Day in, day out, the boy would Read more about The boy who cried awesome—sensationalism in language[…]

Dear admins: You are the heart of your company

Administration in any company is not the most exciting, appealing or life-changing role. It’s a role that many may not feel overly proud of. Days can be slow, long and draining and they’re often filled with monotonous, repetitive tasks I’m sure we’re all familiar with. File this, throw out that. Staple here, staple there. Tear Read more about Dear admins: You are the heart of your company[…]

How to describe a bridge and other uses of grammar

Ah, grammar. You either love it or loathe it. More likely than not, your sentiments are the latter … and in many ways, it isn’t your fault! After it was practically wiped from the curriculum in the 70s due to the supposed counter-productivity of drilling students about language, grammar is finally making a revival in Read more about How to describe a bridge and other uses of grammar[…]

On ‘nother’ and why it is the best word

You might think you’ve never heard this word … and you’re probably quite sure that you’ve never said this word … But you’re probably also wrong. Let’s set the scene: It’s Thursday and you’re on your lunch break. Your workmate says, ‘We’d better get back to work.’ You sigh and say, ‘I can’t believe there’s still a whole Read more about On ‘nother’ and why it is the best word[…]

The benefits of a cost–benefit analysis

Allocating resources, goods and services efficiently is vitality important to government. Cost–benefit analyses can help policy-makers consider consequences and costs when assessing the value of new policy. Essential to conducting a good cost–benefit analysis is determining what factors must be included. What benefits and costs are relevant? What is the alternative if the policy proposal does not go Read more about The benefits of a cost–benefit analysis[…]

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