5 October, 2021

Blackwhite – October 2021

Andrew Bolt is a personage who burns bright in the media universe of Sky News after dark. In his newspaper columns, he’s also waged a long campaign on the issue of global warming. He’s against the notion in general and […]
5 October, 2021

Effectiveness, efficiency and resilience

Senior facilitator Peter Morris, talks about effectiveness, efficiency and resilience during lockdown … and more generally. Being in lockdown, I’ve thought a lot about being effective, efficient and resilient. Perhaps because temptation is great and no clear light burns at […]
5 October, 2021

In defence of Twitter

In a recent article, Leigh Sales, the host of the ABC’s 7.30, said bullying on Twitter has become unhinged and that Twitter is not remotely representative of the Australian public. It’s not difficult to agree with some of her points. […]
7 September, 2021

We need a plan for climate change

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that planning, preparedness and competence in administration and project management matters – they underpin and enable good decisions. The disaster that was Victoria last year when COVID-19 ransacked aged care facilities and […]
7 September, 2021

Blackwhite – September 2021

Four Corners is the best investigative program on Australian television. It breaks stories; it investigates governments; it shines a light into dark and toxic places. Most recently it examined News Corp and the role played by Fox News during the […]
7 September, 2021

Face-to-face or virtual, our workshops deliver!

Whether face-to-face or virtual, our workshops meet the same golden standard, thanks to our expert facilitators. We have compared participant responses from our feedback questionnaire from 2019 and 2021 – the pre- and post-COVID-19 environment. We have also listed some […]
6 August, 2021

Blackwhite … and grey – August 2021

When the lines between black and white blur, we have grey. Which was the colour of choice for the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Senator Payne when she spoke on the ABC’s Insiders program on 20 June 2021. Now, the […]
6 August, 2021

New workshops!

We have some new and exciting workshops coming your way in the field of media management. Our team of experienced facilitators can train you with practical tips to be presentable in live radio and television interviews, manage media crises – […]
6 August, 2021

The need of the hour is a regulator with power

If it works for Crown then it must be good for Victoria. This has been an implied operating principle that’s underpinned the work of government in Victoria for years. And so we now can ask, what’s gone wrong? And why […]
6 August, 2021

The readability of documents in the financial sector

Something exciting and new is coming! We are going to be asking and answering the big questions. How readable are documents produced by the financial services sector? Why should readability matter to companies in the sector and customers? Are there […]
6 August, 2021

The feedback from Fiji is amazing

In our last edition of Agora, we highlighted the workshops we’re delivering for the Fijian Civil Service. Our collaboration continues. The resilience and positivity our Fijian participants have shown throughout this trying time has continued to inspire and amaze us. […]
6 July, 2021

The heartbreak of a weeping turtle

Since the start of June, Ethos CRS has been delivering a program of writing workshops for the Fijian Ministry of Civil Service. The program covers report and brief writing; speechwriting; writing project plans and proposals; and writing business processes. In […]
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