1 July, 2020

Understanding cause and effect

Recently, President Trump showed the world his novel interpretation of cause and effect when he told the world that more testing for COVID-19 results in more cases: I don’t kid. Let me just tell you—let me make it clear: We […]
1 July, 2020

Peter Cochrane joins our team

We’d like to welcome Peter Cochrane to Ethos CRS. Peter is coordinating all comments and feedback from industry, community groups and environment groups about the state of the environment for the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment for the […]
1 July, 2020

On the virtual frontline

In three short months, Dr Mary Quilty, Director, Learning Design has produced an entire suite of virtual workshops. Here are some of her observations from the virtual frontline. So Zooming, Skyping, WebExing, and social distancing have become the new Zumba. […]
1 July, 2020

Can scorpions be socially responsible?

There is a story, possibly apocryphal, about a frog and a scorpion. On the bank of a river, a scorpion approaches a frog and asks to be carried across. The frog, initially suspicious, is ultimately convinced by smooth scorpion words […]
1 July, 2020


This month, the Chinese embassy in Canberra has been busy explaining why black is white: In recent days, some Australian media and politicians made baseless accusations of China for spreading disinformation, which is completely rubbish. As a matter of fact, […]
1 July, 2020

Becoming a great leader

How do leaders and managers support teams in uncertain, challenging times? What makes a manager a great leader? Can bad people be good leaders? Last month, we hosted a webinar on the topic of leadership in uncertain and changing times. […]
1 July, 2020

The challenge we face

In 2018, the ABC and SBS were reviewed to determine whether or not they operated efficiently. Among other things, the reviewers wrote in the executive summary that: Both the ABC and SBS are focused on improving the efficiency of their […]
2 June, 2020

Yonder is the fourth estate

  Edmund Burke was Anglo-Irish, a political theorist and statesman, and hugely influential as the founder of conservative political thought. To him is attributed an idea that implies that a free media is a prerequisite for good government: There are […]
2 June, 2020

Talking about the future of the country

Was the decision of governments in Australia to bring on a recession to fight COVID-19 the right one? How do governments trade-off the misery caused by COVID-19 and the misery cause by mass unemployment? Is spend, spend, spend the right […]
2 June, 2020


The rhetoric of an authoritarian state or leader always disappoints. When the authoritarian speaks they drain words of colour and life; the meaning, channelling Lewis Carroll, is pressed into service according to authoritarian need: ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty […]
2 June, 2020

Imagining the future

Of all the things we know to be true we know that we are going to die. What we do not know for certain is when. We also do not know precisely how human genius will counter the damage done […]
5 May, 2020

Staff spotlight—Norman

Name: Norman Weir Age: 6 years old by human time or 42 years old by dog time. Job: Chief Working from Home Officer Favourite food: I love all foods! I have a diverse and mature palate. My absolute favourite food […]
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