7 July, 2014

Interview with Tony Turner

Tony Turner has travelled the world as an actor and expert facilitator. At Ethos CRS his speciality is presentation and communication skills. Where is the greatest place that acting/presenting/performing has taken you? I did a voice conference at the Royal […]
7 June, 2014

Interview with Andrew Taylor

Director of Photography at Ethos CRS, Andrew Taylor, has travelled the world on assignment. Experienced and expert, he’s rubbed shoulders with the powerful and dodged the bullets of the dangerous. Here, in the first of an occasional series, he tells […]
4 July, 2013

Working with regional organisations

The work of speaking to diverse audiences in an interesting and engaging way doesn’t challenge just Australian regional organisations. All organisations, both public and private, deal with journalists who are sometimes barely informed, a media cycle measured in minutes, and […]
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