April 1, 2016



Business Coaching

One-on-one coaching is often the most effective way to instil and develop skills to tackle specific challenging situations.

In a coaching session, you direct your own learning—you identify the area in which you must improve and, together with one of our experts, you work through techniques to overcome challenges and to tackle difficulties.

Whether it is preparing for oral presentations, writing clear and compelling documents, conducting delicate negotiations, providing constructive feedback or even communicating clearly in English as a non-native speaker, whatever your challenge, Ethos CRS has the right expert to work with you to identify and develop truly relevant skills to your specific situation.

Our coaches and advisers have worked with senior executives and managers, operational staff, ministers in government and even Australians of the Year. They understand the challenges you face in your professional environment, and they are well equipped with techniques that will help you perform better, with fewer hurdles to jump and with less stress and risk involved.

Ethos CRS offers coaching face-to-face, by phone, by video conference or by any other means that suits you.


Business Coaching & Mentoring

Develop and sharpen specific skills with business coaching and mentoring.

Sometimes your skills have to be developed and sharpened to suit your developmental and professional needs.
A structured coaching program builds skills and confidence quickly and efficiently. Coaching ensures that professionals receive the exact assistance and support they need to succeed in their roles.The process of coaching is simple, no matter how complex the task.

Your Ethos CRS coach will work with you to define needs and outcomes, and to construct the optimal program that will prepare you to perform to a higher standard. They have your back covered, whether you want to give a captivating keynote address, become a persuasive speaker or a sharper negotiator, make more effective decisions as a regulator or policy maker, or produce clearer and more compelling documents.

The coaches at Ethos CRS are experts in the fields of communications, leadership, policy and regulation. Sessions can be delivered face to face, over the phone or by Skype.

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