June 27, 2017


Technical expertise is only one of the attributes of competent and effective professionals. They must also be able to communicate their expertise clearly to inform decision-makers, stakeholders and the public if they are to be truly effective and influential in their role as subject matter experts.

Ethos CRS equips professionals to communicate through written documents of any kind, to deliver persuasive presentations, to engage with stakeholders effectively, to hold difficult conversations and to provide and receive constructive feedback.

Workshops we offer:

Writing to influence and persuade

  • Ministerial correspondence
  • Writing for the minister: briefs and QTBs
  • Meeting briefs and talking points
  • Briefs for Senate Estimates and parliamentary committees
  • Executive briefs, decision documents and business cases
  • Writing effective letters and emails
  • Writing persuasive reports
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Plain English for scientists
  • Requests for Tender and tender proposals
  • Writing business documents that influence and persuade
  • Principles of clear writing
  • Creating a clear writing culture

Engaging with stakeholders

  • Introduction to engaging with stakeholders
  • Advanced stakeholder engagement
  • Negotiation and representation skills
  • Strategic communications
  • Developing an effective communications and engagement plan

Giving powerful speeches and presentations

  • Speaking effectively as a professional
  • Building confidence and speaking clearly
  • Giving the keynote address, PowerPoint and handling questions
  • Appearing before Senate Estimates and parliamentary committees

Engaging the media

  • Engaging audiences using social media
  • Defensive interview skills: answering tough questions
  • Media releases and talking points
  • Advanced media skills for leaders
  • Engaging the media: SWOT—Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats—capability audit
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