Annual reports

Annual reports represent opportunities to draw positive attention to the important work that your organisation is doing. Done well, that’s exactly what it becomes. Done poorly, it’s a lot of hard work for little return.

To produce a successful annual report you need meticulous attention to detail, direct audience focus and a commitment to expressing complex ideas clearly and concisely. The stronger your message is, the more attention and support your organisation will attract for the necessary and important work it is doing.

It also taking into consideration the many stakeholders your organisation has and crafting a document that appeals to them all. Ethos CRS employs staff who have years of experience putting together reports for organisations in both the private and public sector. We understand not just the tact needed to reassure all parties, but also the importance of properly compressing information so busy people can understand it and make informed decisions.

Ethos CRS can help organisations at any point in the writing process. We have capable individuals who can assist with any task, be it the early stages of collecting the necessary information, to the writing and editing the main document, to publishing the report itself. We offer a flexible annual report writing service that can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Annual Report Writing Service

Ethos CRS can assist with the following:

  • coordinate collecting and compiling all important information
  • drafting early versions of the report
  • editing the document throughout its life cycle
  • publishing the final copy
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