Virtual workshops

With you, we’re creating a new reality in 2020

In 2020, established processes and practices are being turned on their head; teams are working remotely; leaders face must manage smart professionals and teams, but from a distance; projects are being quickly approved—and professionals have the job of seeing them through to a successful end. As never before, organisations must communicate complex ideas clearly, consistently, at the right time and in a disciplined way.

This is where Ethos CRS comes in

Ethos CRS delivers content in a virtual environment: training, coaching, webinars and eLearning. We’re coaching executives and supporting virtual teams to solve complex problems.

Ethos CRS uses different platforms to deliver virtual conferences or training. No matter the platform—for example, Zoom, WebEx, Adobe Connect, GoToTraining or Microsoft Teams—Ethos CRS can deliver virtual training to help staff succeed in their roles and assist organisations that want to do good work.

We’re focusing on the virtual essentials

We’ve developed a suite of virtual workshops to help you and your organisation thrive in this new normal:

  • The essentials of Australian Government writing style
  • The essentials of effective business writing
  • The essentials of writing professional emails
  • The essentials of writing board and executive papers
  • The essentials of project management
  • The essentials of benefits management
  • The essentials of good management
  • The essentials of building a resilient team
  • The essentials of an online job interview
  • The essentials of writing a compelling CV
  • The essentials of procurement, probity and integrity
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