Analytical and critical thinking – 28 September

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2017-09-28 All day
Ethos CRS
Phone:02 6247 2225

In an environment in which truths and facts are becoming increasingly subjective, professionals must have sharp analytical thinking skills to shape their research, decisions, recommendations and communications. Analytical and critical thinking covers the bases of evidence and substantiation, discerning and classifying data and reaching valid and logical conclusions. Core skills in analysis and structured, logical thinking positions professionals to provide targeted recommendations, identify and address problems, analyse and tackle risk and perform more efficiently in their roles.

In this workshop, Dr Shannon Ford, an accomplished academic and policy professional, draws on theory of argument and analysis to present an all-encompassing program. An experienced lecturer and facilitator, Shannon delivers a captivating workshop that will have participants engaged in high level analysis, and developing skills to apply effective thinking skills into their every task.

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