Writing compelling briefs – 21 September

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2017-09-21 All day
Ethos CRS
Phone:02 6247 2225

The writing work of a public service professional is often directed towards informing decision-makers and recommending a logical and effective course of action. Writing compelling briefs covers the basics of directing and discerning research, classifying and prioritising data and facts, presenting information clearly, reaching logical conclusions and providing reasonable recommendations. Writing compelling briefs equips you with the skills to produce relevant content that is conducive to good decisions and improved policy and public value outcomes.

Mary Harwood, with over 30 years’ experience performing in senior management roles in the public service, combines her keen understanding of the requirements of ministers and senior executives with the practical insights into the work of producing high-quality, compelling decision documents. Her experience in drafting, reviewing and receiving briefings allows her to approach this workshop from different perspectives, to equip you with tools and skills to write persuasive, effective briefs every time.

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