Writing to influence – 16 August

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2017-08-16 All day
Ethos CRS
Phone:02 6247 2225

Often, written documents fulfil a much more complex role than merely explaining or presenting information. In professional environments they are a means to persuade and influence decisions and outcomes for organisations and for the public. Writing to influence equips professionals with the skills to structure arguments logically, discern and classify facts, reach valid and substantiated conclusions, and to communicate them clearly and compellingly. From logic and argumentation to clear expression and structure, Writing to influence will enable you to write documents that truly make a difference to the success and efficiency of your organisation.

An experienced intelligence and policy professional, and an accomplished academic, Dr Shannon Ford combines theory and practice into a training session that will have you writing compelling recommendations and persuasive conclusions incorporating concepts of analysis and argument. His experience both as an academic and as a policy professional allows him to present techniques to influence as a subject matter expert and as an analyst, within the constraints of each role.

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