March 30, 2016


Established in 2005 by Chas Savage, based in Canberra and with a presence in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Ethos CRS specialises in communications, policy, regulation, and leadership.

The Ethos CRS team comprises expert regulators; professionals who’ve designed, developed and implemented policies and programs; communicators, writers, editors and speechwriters; photographers; and eLearning specialists. It’s a powerful mix of hard-earned experience and expertise that enables us to help our clients to do their work better.

Chas Savage | Chief Executive Officer

Chas - Ethos CRS TeamAs the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Ethos CRS, Chas Savage understands organisational systems and processes, and how these work, or don’t work, in both the public and the private sector.

Chas has designed, developed and delivered training, coaching and eLearning workshops for organisations and departments. He has run policy and regulation programs face-to-face for government agencies, large and small, and he’s coached senior executives, ministers and an Australian of the Year. He draws on these earned insights when equipping professionals with the skills they need to thrive under pressure.

Before founding Ethos CRS, Chas walked in the Himalayas, cycled around India and worked as a writer, a professional economist and as an economic adviser to Australian government ministers.


Stelle McCoy | Director, Training and Business Administration

StelleStelle McCoy manages all training and business administration. She has a deep understanding of the workings of Ethos CRS, our philosophy and what we provide. In her role, Stelle organises and coordinates training, manages the team within the office and liaises with clients to ensure their needs are met and all training is appropriately customised. Stelle also manages workshop materials with our facilitators and our development team.





John Preston | Director, Communications

JohnJohn Preston is an experienced communications professional who has previously worked for prime ministers and senior politicians. He’s coordinated the public face of election campaigns, liaising and engaging with journalists and reporters. Success in these roles has demanded an expert knowledge of strategic communications procedures and platforms.

As a writer, John has a practical and accessible style and develops and presents workshops to improve clear writing skills for a variety of public sector clients. His work as a prime ministerial adviser gives him insights that enrich the programs and workshops he delivers.

John has published opinion pieces, written procedural guidelines for public sector agencies and developed standards for high-level communications. He is a firm believer in the strategic use of social media and is an enthusiastic user of technology.

Away from work John plays guitar in a working band, collects books, consumes politics and current affairs, and is a keen photographer.


Andrew Taylor | Director, Photography

Andrew TAndrew Taylor is Australia’s leading photographer of prime ministers, presidents, governors’ general, chief executive officers and everyday Australians. He’s shot formal occasions, investitures and functions, and captured the images of Australians as they go about the business of their lives.

As the director of photography at Ethos CRS, Andrew organised and led the official team that shot photos of the G20 meeting in Brisbane and the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Perth.

For more than 30 years, he covered every aspect of domestic and international news. He headed the Canberra Press Gallery Photographic Office for The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Financial Review.

That photo of Barack Obama with the koala in Brisbane? Andrew shot that.


Mary Quilty | Head Learning Designer

MaryDr Mary Quilty is Australia’s best designer and developer of learning and development programs, that’s our claim. She’s a passionate and engaging facilitator who has a real soft spot for scientists and technical experts who face the challenge of communicating complex content to a general, non-specialist audience. Mary has designed and delivered face-to-face and eLearning programs and specialises in the field of policy and regulation.

Mary has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a background as an editor with Oxford University Press. She is an expert in making complex ideas accessible and complicated arguments compelling.

Mary’s also an amazing rower and competes with huge success in national titles and events.


Mary Harwood | Senior Facilitator and Adviser

Mary Harwood

Mary has extensive experience as a senior executive, having worked as a first assistant secretary in three Australian Government departments.

She understands from long professional experience the workings of government, including how departments can best work with ministers, Parliament and external stakeholders. She is an expert in policy development, program management and stakeholder relations.

As an expert facilitator, mentor and coach, Mary’s seminars on resilience, negotiation and change management provide valuable insights on how to handle pressure when the going gets tough.

In her spare time, she sings, not for her supper but for the pure joy of choral harmonies.


Fiona Bender | Senior Facilitator and Adviser

Fiona Bender specialises in leadership, regulation and communication. She has a reputation for delivering engaging training and always being thoroughly knowledgeable about the subject matter.

Fiona has excellent analytical skills, a technical mind and a desire to understand the detail.  She has the ability to appraise a situation, determine desired outcomes, facilitate cooperation from stakeholders, design a strategy to deliver outcomes and ensure progress stays focused and on track.

Her skills were honed through years of work in the Australian Public Service in regulatory agencies and in leadership positions.


Tony Turner | Senior Facilitator and Adviser

Tony TAs a senior facilitator, Dr Tony Turner runs remarkable presentation and representation skills training for individuals and organisations. He’s coached ministers, senators, and graduates to speak clearly, precisely and confidently.

Tony has a deep knowledge of the techniques that professionals must adopt to deliver persuasive and influential presentations. He has delivered presentation skills workshops to public sector agencies and private sector organisations, each customised to meet specific identified needs.

Tony was the head of the Faculty of Drama at the Australian National University and brings to all his workshops the energy and insights of drama and the stage.

Want to know about Samuel Beckett and Waiting for Godot? Speak to Tony.


Lynn Sweeney | Senior Facilitator and Adviser

LynnLynn is an experienced facilitator, researcher, writer and policy developer. She has over 25 years’ experience as a policy professional in the several Government and non-government organisations.

She also worked as a freelance writer and editor for local government in Victoria, applying her extensive knowledge of plain English and clear writing principles. She has also worked as a lecturer in Urban Economics.

Throughout her public service career, Lynn has acquired a detailed understanding of techniques and procedures of writing and managing writing teams for government organisations. Her experience and skills also make her an expert in strategic and analytical thinking.


Amanda Cornwall | Senior Facilitator and Adviser

Amanda has over 20 years’ experience working in senior management roles in the Victorian and NSW governments, as well as in legal and public advocacy environments. She has a unique mix of political nous, business acumen and a strong understanding of all levels of government, particularly in persuasive communication and working collaboratively with stakeholders.

Amanda is an experienced trainer, having successfully trained staff, public sector leaders and CEOs in leadership skills and effective communication. She has practised as a solicitor for 5 years and has worked for leading human rights groups in Indonesia and South Africa.


Mark Pearson | Senior Adviser

Mark PMark Pearson is an expert in regulation.

A former deputy chief executive officer of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Mark understands how systems and processes of governance and decision making must work if regulators are to be effective in their roles.

He’s worked on major regulatory, compliance and enforcement projects, and has a deep understanding of how good regulators ensure compliance with the law in a way that minimises the burden of regulation on companies, communities and individuals.

Passionate about his interest areas, Mark knows almost everything there is to know about American politics.


Alan Ducret | Senior Facilitator and Adviser

Alan DA member of our policy and regulation team, Alan brings to all his work the insights hard won as the director of the Queensland state office of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. An expert facilitator and adviser, Alan understands the work of compliance and enforcement. He has a comprehensive understanding of regulatory strategy and operational systems and finely honed skills as a leader of regulatory staff.

To stay in shape, Alan runs fast in his spare time.




Bob Alexander | Senior Facilitator and Adviser

bobBob Alexander is our resident expert on all things law. He works on our policy and regulation team developing workshops on administrative law, freedom of information law and statutory interpretation. Bob’s work is informed by over 40 years in the legal profession and sound knowledge of Commonwealth regulation and litigation.

In his retirement from full-time work, Bob enjoys travel in Australia and overseas, reading books on military history and attending gym sessions.




Greg Turnbull | Senior Facilitator and Adviser

Greg TurnbullGreg Turnbull has worked for more than three decades in the media and communications. From the position of an insider, he observed prime ministers and governments and developed a keen appreciation of how individuals and organisations best engage with the media.

As a media professional, Greg has an expert understanding of television and the media. He was Network Ten’s political correspondent in Parliament House, Canberra from 2002 until 2007 and was co-presenter of Ten’s current affairs program Meet the Press. Greg was also the senior media adviser to a prime minister and a leader of the opposition.

More recently, Greg has facilitated crisis, interview and strategic media training workshops for a range of public and private sector clients.


Robert Garran | Senior Facilitator and Editor

Robert GarranRobert Garran is a strong writer, editor, policy developer, strategic communicator and change manager. He has a deep knowledge of many areas of policy, including economics and foreign policy.

Robert runs training workshops in clear communication, and has helped teams analyse and communicate complex issues.




Barbara Livesey | Senior Facilitator and Adviser

Barbara Livesey is a former senior executive and CEO who understands both the public and private sectors. She is an experienced facilitator, having trained public servants and staff in NGOs for over fifteen years in a variety of settings both in Australia and overseas.

Barbara believes good policy is evidence-based and designed to achieve clear and measurable outcomes.

She has been involved in complex policy design and delivery in areas ranging from taxation and financial services regulation through to public and community services, income support, education, employment and Indigenous Affairs.

Barbara also provides Executive Coaching through her consultancy—GAPP Consulting Services.


Paul Tilley | Senior Facilitator and Adviser

Paul’s extensive career as an economic policy adviser makes him an ideal candidate to teach economics ideas to others. He is an experienced economist and former public sector manager who has worked in Division Head positions across Treasury.  Paul has also worked in Parliament House, been part of the Australian delegation to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and led the Economic Division of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Paul’s skills go beyond economics and management. He has a Masters of Economics and, as well as his work with Ethos CRS, now teaches in the Melbourne University Law Masters program and is a visiting fellow of the Australian National University’s Tax and Transfer Policy Institute.  He is also writing a book on the history of the Australian Treasury due for publication by Melbourne University Publishing in 2019.


Susannah Bishop | Business Development and Projects Coordinator

susannahSusannah works with our Director of Business Development and Projects, smashing out proposals, writing and editing for the communications team and working on new and innovative projects.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Languages in 2014, Susannah is a grammar lover and appreciator. She uses her skills and knowledge to edit and proof Ethos CRS documents, ensuring every piece of work is up to scratch.

Susannah is fluent in English and Spanish, but also speaks German and French and has advanced grammatical knowledge of Latin and Ancient Greek.


Harrison Lodwick | CEO Projects Officer

Harrison LodwickHarrison Lodwick works closely with Ethos CRS CEO, Chas Savage, making sure he has everything he needs to lead the team most effectively. Harrison oversees projects run by the CEO and coordinates the team to achieve the best outcomes.

Harrison has been working at Ethos CRS since 2014. He has been a part of developing and managing a new contact database system and works on projects for connecting Ethos CRS with new clients and partners. He is also responsible for assisting facilitators developing new programs and workshop content. Harrison ensures facilitators have everything they need to deliver a first class service.

If you need to know anything about the English Premier League, Harrison’s your man.


Graham Templeton | Training and Administration Coordinator

Graham makes sure everything is running smoothly at Ethos CRS and that everyone is supported—facilitators, clients and participants.

Graham organises all training and coordinates communications with clients, facilitators and, where necessary, participants. He manages administration processes and financial systems.

Graham is an experienced professional, having worked apolitically in complex public and private administration roles. He is an effective team member, with strong communication and organisational skills, who contributes to the successful delivery of programs and services.


Daniel Agnew | Communications and Editing Coordinator

Daniel is a skilled writer and editor with years of public service experience across multiple agencies. When he’s not editing proposals or workshop materials at Ethos CRS,  Daniel can be found managing our social media or planning our latest newsletter.

Daniel is also an author, blogger, poet and classicist. His classical training in Greek and Latin gave him a firm understanding of grammar, rhetoric and the value of clear writing, which he has built upon in his own work.




Jamie Gahol | Workshop Materials Coordinator

Jamie ensures workshop materials are designed and developed to the highest quality while also meeting the specific needs of clients. She has worked with a variety of public sector organisations to produce customised workshop materials.

Jamie draws on her 10 years’ experience editing and writing content for print and online marketing materials, trade magazines and electronic newspapers.





Miriam Huber | Training Support Officer

Miriam supports our materials and administration teams to make sure we deliver everything on time and to our high standards.

Miriam recently returned from a seven-month world tour, spanning four continents and 18 countries.

As well as working at Ethos CRS, Miriam Huber is in her first year of an Arts degree at ANU.

During her gap year, Miriam went to three of the four tennis opens, visiting Wimbledon, Melbourne (twice!) and New York to watch her favourite player, Roger Federer.


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