Planning day facilitation

A good facilitator brings out the best in the group they are working with, including the best behaviours, the best ideas and the best outcomes.

People are not always naturally cooperative, encouraging or willing to share their views. A good facilitator helps bring out the most positive behaviours in the people around them.

Even if people are willing to share their views though, they don’t always stick on topic. A good facilitator also keeps conversations focused on problem-solving and generating fresh ideas rather than cynicism and hopelessness.

Of course, the most important thing in facilitation is generating the best possible outcome. That is not possible without a goal. Facilitators help set goals for their group and help the group focus on them.

The opinion of facilitators matters much less than their ability to draw out the opinions and knowledge of others. And yet, the more they understand the world of the group they are facilitating, the better.

At Ethos CRS, our facilitators have extensive experience working in the public and private sectors. They are experts in communication and planning and know how to engage with an audience to ensure discussions are stimulating and inclusive.

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