Building resilience

Everyone gets stressed. So why are some of us more able to cope with setbacks and pressure than others? In our Building resilience workshop, we explore the characteristics of resilient people. We explore the techniques they use and the different perspectives they have towards change. We show how resilience has as much to do with the way you manage yourself as with how you deal with the problems around you. Participants develop strategies for themselves and their teams to deal with setbacks, pressure and failure.

Building resilience has participants consider the impact of their own and others' behaviours on the workplace culture. The program covers practical techniques for strengthening resilience in themselves, their team and beyond.

Leaders who create value

Interventions for specific levels
  • Essential skills for new managers
  • Leaderships skills for senior managers
  • Strategic leadership—insights and skills
  • Executive and staff coaching
  • 360 degree feedback for executives
Specialist workshops for leaders
  • Accountability, ethics and integrity
  • Creating a high-performing team
  • Effective management conversations
  • Leadership: clear thinking and analysis
  • Managing change as a leader
  • DISC behavioural evaluations for leaders

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