New and returning staff members


(Staff left to right: Cedar Hernanez, Miriam Huber, Susannah Bishop, Chris Golding)

We have new people galore at Ethos CRS. 2017 is a big year for us and the extra help is a great relief.

This year we have Cedar Hernandez returning from maternity leave. Cedar will be working together with new-recruit Miriam Huber to cover administrative support in the office. Cedar and Miriam will be responsible for liaising with clients, preparing materials for workshops and assisting our facilitators and office staff.

Susannah Bishop joins us as project officer, assisting our CEO, Chas Savage, directly and using her grammatical knowledge to fine tune documents of all types.

Chris Golding has come on board to help with one of our bigger contracts for the quarter. He has prepared ministerial advice on strategic matters and draws on his policy expertise to work with our policy and regulation team developing workshops on regulatory practices and policy development.

With all these new people our office is buzzing and it’s a very exciting time at Ethos CRS.



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