Our clients

Australian Public Service Comission

Ethos CRS has worked closely with the Australian Public Service Commission to deliver customised skills workshops for the APSC calendar program. Our focus has been on the design, development, implementation and evaluation of policy and writing and clear writing.

In 2020, Ethos CRS will deliver a range of workshops for the APSC:

  • the working effectively suite of programs
  • the essential writing suite of programs
  • Appearing before parliamentary committees
  • Policy formulation and advice: introduction
  • Policy formulation and advice: advanced
  • Policy implementation
  • Professional representational skills
  • The professional executive assistant
  • Strategic leadership
  • Strategic thinking
Attorney-General’s Department

For over ten years, Ethos CRS has designed and delivered workshops—policy, critical thinking, speechwriting and writing—to staff of the Attorney-General's Department. The result has been a group of professionals who are better able to function effectively in a challenging and dynamic environemt and who also provide clear and compelling advice to government.

Victoria Health and Human Services

Ethos CRS has delivered all writing workshops for staff of the Department of Health and Human Services since 2014. In that time, we've developed the departmental calendar program and designed, developed and delivered specialist worskhops for divisons such as West Divison, the Office of Housing and Child Protection.

We've travelled all over Victoria to deliver workshops to staff based in rural and regional areas

Department of Human Services

Most recently, Ethos CRS has worked with the operations management Divison to deliver customised workshops for EL1 and EL2 staff. This was a program delivered on site in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. We've previously delivered customised writing workshops for Medicare and Centrelink

Our clients

Ethos CRS has delivered a range of customised workshops included regulatory writing and project management workshops for teh Australian Securties and Investments Comisssion since 2009.

Over this time, we've blended clear writing insights with a deep understanding of good regulatory practice. The result? A group of professionals better able to tackle the hard work of regulation in an operational environment that is demanding and unrelenting

Woden Community Service

In 2019, we worked with offciers of the Woden Community Serivce to sharpen writing skilsl and improve the quality of documents that are producted for very diverse audiences—clients who are supported by the WCS, the WCS board, senior executives and government officers.

Fair Work Ombudsman

Ethos CRS designed and delivered a blended program—Having quality conversations—to all executive level staff in the Fair Work Ombudsman. Essential concepts and techniques were delivered as an eLearning program, customised for the FWO; we then ran follow-up workshops right around Australia where staff put essential techniques into practice.

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