Defining the policy problem

Problem definition is the first, crucial step in any policy development process. It gives you a reason to do the work, a sense of direction for your research and, in the end, will help you tell your story. The perspective from which you view a particular question will inform what options you have and what consequences your actions will have. Until you define the policy problem, you cannot fix it.

The process of problem definition is tricky, however. It may involve dealing with areas that you lack knowledge about or new concerns that have not been properly studied. Bringing in an outside view on the subject can be vital when faced with a tricky problem.

Ethos CRS assists policy-makers to clearly define the key issues and avoid the risk of unintended consequences that might arise if the issues are ill-defined. Our policy experts will assist you to sift through the contending voices and evidence to clearly identify the issues, their extent and their nature. With our help, your policy solutions will become reality.

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