Analysing stakeholder submissions

Evaluating concerns

Organisations frequently require an expert to analyse submissions from stakeholders and citizens. The organisation must precisely identify trends and themes and capture the views of important stakeholder groups.

This is where Ethos CRS comes in.

Ethos CRS offers a team of experts who will summarise and analyse stakeholder submissions and produce a clear summary report.

We will work with you to:

  • set objectives, determine essential information, stakeholders and trends, and collate and classify submissions made
  • define metadata and descriptors and create appropriate templates to capture the results
  • analyse and classify all documents and create a summary of results, trends and significant issues
  • create a report that provides a clear overview of all submissions, salient points and trends.

The result? You will have a clear understanding of key trends and stakeholder issues that will help you make better business and policy decisions.

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