Advanced regulatory practice

Building on the concepts acquired in our Essential concepts in regulation workshop, the Advanced regulatory practice workshop dives deeper into the soft and hard regulatory tools modern regulators have at their disposal.

The workshop emphasises the relationships between the regulator and the regulated environment. It provides practical techniques to manage stakeholder relationships and to increase regulatory compliance through cooperation and education.

Through the theoretical regulatory models of academics such as John Braithwaite and Malcolm Sparrow, more experienced regulators can use this workshop to build on their own experience and the shared experiences of their colleagues. The end result is better practical and effective regulatory solutions that maximise compliance by the regulated agencies, lower costs for the government and greater benefits to the public.

Workshops on tangible skills that reduce harms

  • Core concepts in regulation
  • Regulatory design and development
  • Governance, decision-making
    and regulatory discretion
  • Advanced regulatory thinking:
    posture and maturity
  • Strategic regulation:
    effective interventions in a complex environment
  • Contemporary compliance strategies
  • Risk-based regulation
  • Crisis management and planning
  • Effective regulatory writing
  • ‘Nudge’ and regulatory practice
  • Administrative law
  • Monitoring, compliance and evaluation
  • Enforcement awareness
  • Regulatory advice and guidance
  • Statutory interpretation
  • Performance evaluation
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