A tip for presenting: speak louder!


There is one comment that always comes up in our Presentation skills courses: Speak louder!

If you’re speaking in front of a room full of people, with or without a microphone, it’s likely that you’re not speaking loudly enough. We naturally become quieter when we’re in a stressful situation, we hope that if we say something stupid, we’ll say it softly enough that no one will hear us. But by doing so, your audience will also miss your gems. So, rather than ruin your entire presentation by making yourself inaudible, just speak up.

Some quick tips:

  • Stand up straight. Clearing your airways naturally strengthens your voice.
  • Avoid coffee, cigarettes and dairy the day before your presentation.
  • Do breathing exercises before you speak.
  • Speak louder than you think you need to. Hold pauses longer, and speak more slowly.
  • If you present with clarity, cadence and confidence, it’s likely that any slip ups you make won’t detract from your otherwise impressive performance.

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