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Ethos CRS was established in 2005 by our CEO, Chas Savage, initially as a speechwriting service. We have expanded into a specialist training firm. We also provide writing and editing, photography, policy and regulation services. We work with a range of clients, partners and are on more than 9 panels.

We are based in Canberra but provide services all around Australia as well as overseas.

Our name and that funny 'η'
How did we come up with the name Ethos and what is that funny η that appears after our name in our logo?

Our name comes from Aristotle who said that audiences are persuaded by the ethical character of the speaker (ethos) as well as the emotion incited in the audience (pathos) and by the power of the reasoning (logos).

The word ethos was used with two different spellings to denote two different meanings. The first spelling, έθος, was used to denote habit or custom and the second spelling, ήθος, was used to signify good character. This is why we have joined ethos to the η. We want our practices and the practices of our clients to be steered not only by the conventions of culture but by honesty, integrity and ethical character – by ethos.


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