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The Learning Deli

The Learning Deli specialises in online learning with the right balance of customised individual and group learning to meet every need.

    ‘Learning, and the technology that supports learning,
    should focus on achieving a positive learning result.’

This statement illustrates why Ethos CRS is happy to work with The Learning Deli: a shared philosophy of excellence.

As a partnership of creative learning and development professionals, Ethos CRS and The Learning Deli possess a unique blend of skills and experience that enable us to deliver successful learning programs to clients across the public and private sectors.

Working together, we have the ability to adapt to clients’ needs to develop innovative learning solutions for our clients and to incorporate contemporary industry thinking into our eLearning tools.


Leaderskill’s mission is to bring together people from diverse backgrounds to pursue organisational goals that are ethical and sustainable—to create an organisation where everyone loves their work, cooperation is endemic, and performance is always high.

Ethos CRS and Leaderskill’s aim is to maximise the contributions that people and their organisations make to each other through feedback, teamwork, communication skills and facilitative leadership—leaders who are committed to building deeply collaborative teams.

Leaderskill has pioneered the use of Accelerated Learning (AL) in training and development, helped establish neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in Australia, and incorporated positive psychology and appreciative inquiry (AI) into all their work. They have also developed a unique team facilitation approach based on 360-degree feedback.

This core 360-degree feedback program has been used internationally by accredited consultants and clients in the private and public sectors.

Ethos CRS is proud to work with the Leaderskill to bring together Australian and international experts to support our clients as they pursue transformation and growth in leadership.

Please contact us at service@ethoscrs.com.au if you would like to learn more.
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