March 31, 2016


Writing and editing

No matter the document speech, annual report, business case or tender proposal, technical paper or report, Ethos CRS can help you to produce clearer, more effective text.

We specialise in plain English.

We understand how words are deployed to engage, influence and persuade.

Our editors and writers are experts at the top of their game.


The Ethos CRS team has photographed Australians of all ages, from all walks of life, and prime ministers, presidents, governors-general, generals, queens and princes.

We’ve been the official photographer for meetings of the G20 in Brisbane and Commonwealth Heads of Government in Perth.

Meaningful and beautiful images. Shot by experts. Organised without fuss or bother.


Sometimes in professional life, timelines are too short, expertise is perhaps lacking or capability is not quite where it should be. These times, organisations need reinforcements.

So, if you need an extra pair of hands or a sharp mind – support or advice – in the areas of communications, policy, regulation or leadership, then Ethos CRS can help by deploying experts in the field.

For example, we’ve recently evaluated the rationale and purpose of a compliance regime for a regulatory agency; and we’ve worked with the senior executives of a public sector organisation to improve the way documents are commissioned, drafted, reviewed and approved.

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