Planning day facilitation

Planning prevents poor performance.

All organisations have to work through difficult organisational problems or plan so that business as usual is carried out efficiently and effectively.

That’s why teams go off-line—to work out priorities, how best to manage projects and devise and deliver programs that are important.

A good planning day creates value and an Ethos CRS facilitator catalyses a team to think deeply, widely and clearly during a planning day. Working with you, an Ethos CRS facilitator:

  • keeps discussions focused
  • assists the group to identify and solve problems
  • inspires fresh ideas
  • orders and structures insights
  • makes sure that no good idea or insight is left unexamined.

A planning day is structured and focused on results.

A planning day itself requires planning and preparation.

That’s why the first step for an Ethos CRS facilitator is to identify what teams want to achieve by holding a planning day. We focus on what’s important for teams and organisations. We keep a record of the insights that are generated during discussion. And importantly we then help to turn insights into a concrete plan for action.

But wait there’s more...

An Ethos CRS facilitator is an experienced professional who has worked on complex projects and worked to fix policy or regulator problems both in the public and private sectors. During a planning day, they assist teams by:

  • asking teams the right questions
  • pressing teams to justify solutions
  • helping teams to analyse problems from different perspectives.

The result? Concrete solutions to complex problems.

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