One-on-one coaching

Coaching is an activity carried out within strict boundaries to achieve specific objectives.

The purpose of employing coaching services is to build skills so that you will feel more confident in business writing and communication skills.

Our program consists of at least four sessions, the first being two hours and subsequent sessions lasting one hour each. The duration of following sessions can be shortened or lengthened depending on progress and needs. The first session’s objective will be to setup the program and assess your specific needs. From there we will design sessions that are tailored to the areas you feel you would like to work on.

Tracking and measurement of success

The measurement of success depends on your specific goals. In consultation with you, we would define relevant opportunities for improvement. These could include building confidence when communicating, enhancing your business writing style and polishing clear and professional writing skills.

Our experience

We have provided our coaching services to a number of organisations including:

  • Department of Human Services
  • Australian Communications and Media Authority
  • Murray–Darling Basin Authority
  • IP Australia
  • Woden Community Service
  • Department of the Environment and Energy.

Our expert facilitators

At Ethos CRS, our facilitators have extensive experience working in the public and private sectors. They are experts in communication and planning and know how to engage with an audience to ensure discussions are stimulating and inclusive. Our coaching experts include:

  • Chas Savage
  • Mary Quilty
  • Mary Harwood.
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