Policy design, development and delivery

Designing, developing and implementing good policy

The work of designing, developing and implementing good policy is not always easy.

The world of policy is very often dynamic. The information necessary for a perfectly-formed solution is not always available; timelines are compressed and resources are very often in short supply.

Ethos CRS assists policy makers to do policy work well.

Whether a team is thinking strategically—war-gaming scenarios and testing policy solutions—or examining specific policy problems with a view to crafting interventions that creates public value, Ethos CRS can assist.

A team of experts helps you implement good policy

The team of Ethos CRS have advised treasurers, prime ministers and ministers; devised and administered multi-billion dollar programs; managed complex operational groups; and developed social, environmental and economic policy.

They understand process and how raw ideas are transformed into policy substance.

Policy design, development and delivery services

We help policy professionals to clearly define problems, and sub-problems, and determine what should be done by organisations and governments. Our job is not to second guess operational officers, but rather to assist them by applying a coherent framework to:

  • develop options
  • assess possible solutions
  • identify constraints
  • identify relevant operational risks and mitigation responses
  • identify relevant benefits and costs
  • define a least-cost path for implementation
  • identify and work with stakeholders
  • implement and evaluate a particular intervention.
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