eLearning is the use of technology to enhance learning, allowing for scalable content delivery instantaneously for little cost.

Ethos CRS, and our eLearning design partners at The Learning Deli, believe including eLearning is important for a blended training program. Specifically, eLearning helps with:

  • varying audience numbers—the number of users who need training may vary greatly over time. This means that it may not be feasible to organise training workshops to accommodate all participants
  • multiple locations—staff are spread over a number of locations. This makes it likely that facilitators, participants or both would have to travel to another location for training sessions. This is not always an option.
  • staff movements—when staff are new to a role at an organisation the timeliness of training is vital to get them started.

eLearning is developed in a number of different formats for various delivery modes. The content and mode of delivery are determined by a deeper analysis of an organisation’s learning and development strategies and their infrastructure capabilities.

eLearning solutions include elements such as:

  • micro learning modules—short modules with interactive, screen-based content
  • screen casts—demonstrations of processes and tasks that are supported by interactive content and audio
  • webinars—live online sessions facilitated by a trainer. Recordings of these webinars are added as learning resource.

We develop eLearning using industry-standard development tools, such as Adobe Captivate, and we deliver it in a format suitable for deployment on any SCORM-compliant learning management system.

If you are interested in designing an eLearning module for your workplace, contact us today. If you would like to see an example of one of our eLearning programs, ask us about Effective management conversations—an eLearning course about how to have better conversations with staff and manage difficult conversations in a professional way.

Please contact us at service@ethoscrs.com.au if you would like to learn more.
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