Change management

Change is a constant part of our world whether we like it or not. Many people have problems adapting to change though, either because they prefer things the way they are or because they’re concerned about the risks change will involve. Our Change management workshop helps participants understand change in its different forms to better address change when it occurs.

Participants will better understand the risks involved with change, and with remaining static, how to address the uncertainty of change, and how to analyse its impacts after it has occurred. Changes often bring new opportunities; the trick is knowing how to acknowledge and make the most of them.

Workshop summary


After attending Change management, participants will be better able to:

  • understand the psychology of change
  • make effective plans for change
  • reach agreements for change, to communicate the need for change and to achieve buy-in
  • deal with resistance, obstacles and unexpected developments.

Target audience

  • Managers and supervisors

Delivery method

  • Face-to-face one-day workshop
  • Alternatively, this workshop can be delivered as 2 3-hour virtual sessions

Pre-workshop preparation

  • All participants will read from a selected list of articles before attending the workshop.

Post-workshop resources and support

  • All participants receive a set of customised workshops materials – workbook and resources.
  • All participants complete a post-workshop action plan that will assist them to put learned techniques into practice.
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