Skills for middle management

Stepping out: leadership skills for middle-managers

Stepping out: leadership skills for middle-managers is Ethos CRS’s program for professionals who already have experience in a senior management role and wish to strengthen their leadership skills. It is a comprehensive overview of the necessary leadership skills for management in modern organisations.

All managers need both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills because the art, craft and science of management requires much more than just technical competence. No matter the role, effective management requires both self-awareness and an awareness of the needs and abilities of others. The manager as leader inspires in staff a sense of purpose and motivates them to do good work.

In Stepping out, Ethos CRS works with established managers to broaden their approach to leadership, to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as leaders and build a strong set of skills to take their leadership to the next level. The result is managers who have the necessary leadership skills for management who excel in their current role and are equipped to handle new challenges.

Leaders who create value

Interventions for specific levels
  • Essential skills for new managers
  • Leaderships skills for senior managers
  • Strategic leadership—insights and skills
  • Executive and staff coaching
  • 360 degree feedback for executives
Specialist workshops for leaders
  • Accountability, ethics and integrity
  • Creating a high-performing team
  • Effective management conversations
  • Leadership: clear thinking and analysis
  • Managing change as a leader
  • DISC behavioural evaluations for leaders
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