Skills for middle management

All managers need both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills because the art of management demands much more than just technical competence. No matter the role, effective middle management requires both self-awareness and an awareness of the needs and abilities of others.

In Skills for middle management, Ethos CRS works with established managers to broaden their approach to leadership, to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as leaders and build a strong set of skills to take their leadership to the next level. The result is managers who have the necessary leadership skills to excel in their current management role and are equipped to handle new challenges.

Workshop summary


After attending Skills for middle management, participants will better able to:

  • recognise different leadership styles and theories and understand the impact of their own style
  • develop insights and skills to manage, develop and motivate teams effectively
  • identify different modes of behaviour and tailor their communication style accordingly to engage with internal and external stakeholders
  • solve policy and operational problems through planning, identifying risks and managing time, costs and resources.

Target audience

  • Staff recently appointed to a managerial or supervisory role
  • Established managers who want to refresh skills

Delivery methods

  • Face-to-face, two-day workshop
  • Alternatively, this workshop can be delivered as 4 3-hour virtual sessions

Pre-workshop preparation

  • As an option, Ethos CRS can integrate insights from online DISC® and MBTI® evaluations to examine default modes of behaviour more precisely.
  • Participants read selected papers and articles, discuss leadership and management with a senior manager and complete an audit of experience and interests.

Post-workshop resources and support

  • All participants receive a set of customised workshop materials – workbook and resources.
  • All participants complete a Leadership in context© plan, which articulates priority areas for action.
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