June 27, 2017

Analytical and critical thinking

Analysis, strategy and critical reasoning make up the back-bone of any role—from research to negotiation, marketing, writing or informing. The work of any professional will always involve decisions—prioritising, collating through information, calculating and managing risk, demanding or conceding, defining outcomes and implementing relevant strategies.

Ethos CRS builds the behind-the-scenes thinking skills that underpin the constant decision-making work of professionals. Our workshops equip participants with the skills to solve problems, organise and structure their thoughts towards a strategic intent, ensure efficiency and effectiveness in their roles and make better, more relevant and substantiated decisions, representing their own and their organisation’s interests coherently.

Workshops we offer:

  • Foundations of clear and analytical thinking
  • Clear thinking and problem solving
  • Thinking creatively
  • Decision-making under pressure
  • Ethical decisions in an APS environment
  • Strategic analysis
  • Analytical writing, influential documents
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