How to describe a bridge and other uses of grammar

Ah, grammar. You either love it or loathe it. More likely than not, your sentiments are the latter … and in many ways, it isn’t your fault! After it was practically wiped from the curriculum in the 70s due to the supposed counter-productivity of drilling students about language, grammar is finally making a revival in Read more about How to describe a bridge and other uses of grammar[…]

On ‘nother’ and why it is the best word

You might think you’ve never heard this word … and you’re probably quite sure that you’ve never said this word … But you’re probably also wrong. Let’s set the scene: It’s Thursday and you’re on your lunch break. Your workmate says, ‘We’d better get back to work.’ You sigh and say, ‘I can’t believe there’s still a whole Read more about On ‘nother’ and why it is the best word[…]

The benefits of a cost–benefit analysis

Allocating resources, goods and services efficiently is vitality important to government. Cost–benefit analyses can help policy-makers consider consequences and costs when assessing the value of new policy. Essential to conducting a good cost–benefit analysis is determining what factors must be included. What benefits and costs are relevant? What is the alternative if the policy proposal does not go Read more about The benefits of a cost–benefit analysis[…]

The policy problems with Facebook and self-driving cars

Over the past twenty years we have seen advancements in artificial intelligence that policy-makers and regulators have been hard-pressed to keep up with. These advances represent real problems for policy-makers and governments … How do we create the regulatory conditions for technological advances without putting the public at risk? The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook debacle is a Read more about The policy problems with Facebook and self-driving cars[…]

We’re looking for a Coordinator of Workshop Materials!

We are looking for a new Coordinator of Workshop Materials to join our team! Read about the position below and apply by sending your CV and a one-page cover letter addressing the selection criteria to About Ethos CRS Ethos CRS specialises in designing, developing and delivering training and professional development programs, such as face-to-face workshops, Read more about We’re looking for a Coordinator of Workshop Materials![…]

Goofing off dog

Monitoring employees: Should you or shouldn’t you?

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend goofing off or checking Facebook at work? Certainly, managers and supervisors think about this—a lot. Some employers are now installing monitoring programs on employee computers. Programs now can keep track of how many hours employees spend on social networking or gaming sites; individual use can be Read more about Monitoring employees: Should you or shouldn’t you?[…]

Gold star

A gold star for Ethos CRS

Sometimes, everything goes right. Tony Turner is the trainer for our presentations skills courses. As the former head of drama at the ANU and the author of a book on voice technique, we expect no less than success. However, last month he delivered two Giving persuasive presentations courses with particularly good results. Out of five, most Read more about A gold star for Ethos CRS[…]

Stop abusing capitals

Stop abusing cApItaL LeTtErS

By Robert Garran Once, in a conversation with a speechwriter from the Prime Minister’s Office, I commented on how ridiculous it was that public servants didn’t understand the rules about when and when not to use capital letters. I mentioned the bad habit of starting the word ‘government’ with a capital letter when used generically Read more about Stop abusing cApItaL LeTtErS[…]

Racial Discrimination Act 1975

Changing 18C—Why knowing your environment could help

For some, the debate about changing free speech provisions of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 is a tenth-order issue. The Deputy Prime Minister, for example, has been quoted in Fairfax papers as saying, “It is definitely not the issue people are talking about in the beer garden on Friday night or at the counters of banks, or to Read more about Changing 18C—Why knowing your environment could help[…]

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