Writing to influence

One role of writers in your organisation might be to influence decision-makers, staff and stakeholders to follow a particular course of action that will result in benefits to the public and the agency. To be influential, however, documents must be clear, well structured and aligned to a purpose. We see examples of writing to influence not just in official communication, but also in less formal forms of communication like internal letters and emails. No matter the context, knowing how to communicate thoughtfully is a vital skill allows you to not only express yourself, but also change the minds of others on important topics.

Writing to influence is a one-day writing workshop that leads participants through techniques grounded in grammar, accessible language and clear logic. It provides them with the tools they need to craft clear, accurate and influential documents—documents that lead to better decisions and greater value, as well as how to send better messages within whatever organisation they belong to.

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Documents that just make sense

  • Principles of clear writing
  • Writing for the minister: briefs and QTBs
  • Meeting briefs and talking points
  • Briefs for Senate Estimates committees
  • Persuasive reports and business cases
  • Effective letters and emails
  • Accurate case notes and records
  • Influential documents for scientists
  • Clear writing for IT specialists
  • Writing an amazing speech
  • Writing influential business documents
  • Creating a clear writing culture
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