Dear admins: You are the heart of your company

Administration in any company is not the most exciting, appealing or life-changing role. It’s a role that many may not feel overly proud of. Days can be slow, long and draining and they’re often filled with monotonous, repetitive tasks I’m sure we’re all familiar with.

File this, throw out that. Staple here, staple there. Tear out the staple, because you now need the one page that’s right in the middle of the bundle. Now, reprint those pages because you’ve torn off the top corner of the page removing the staple. Print it again because you failed to print in colour. Or, perhaps there was one little hidden typo, buried within the depths of your document. Of course, you can’t print that page and only that page. For whatever reason, the printer must always, always, and I stress always, print an undefined number of unwanted pages.

Let’s be honest: we’ve all been there.  Probably more times than the number of staples in a box. There is, though, a very important point. Administration is essential to the functioning of any company. It is the beating heart of an organisation that pumps blood around the body. And, let’s be honest yet again, good administration is like having the heart of an athlete. Every company should strive to find the marathon runner, trap them and never let them leave.

And, for anyone out there working in administration: remember that survival without a heart is impossible. You are the heart of your company. All you need now are strong shoulders to carry the weight of this great responsibility. No pressure!

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