Geoff Dawson

Geoff Dawson

Senior Editor and Adviser

From a 20-year career in Australian Government agencies Geoff brings strong experience in project management, stakeholder engagement and writing and editing in all styles, from speeches and media releases to ministerial briefs and long-form reports.

As a facilitator, his special interest is helping people to improve their writing skills, with particular attention to writing that is sensitive to the needs and motives of the intended readership (‘Imagine your reader!’).

Working for parliamentary committees he spent years on both sides of the policy-making table: writing reports to persuade other people and reading the submissions of people who wanted to persuade him. This has given him unique insights into how to fine-tune a piece of writing to be as effective and persuasive as possible.

His motto is ‘Communication is not about what you say; it’s about what the other person hears.’

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