Our ethos

Be passionate – Be efficient – Be smart

Ethos CRS is guided by three principles: be passionate and champion what is great and good; be efficient and don’t waste time, energy or effort; be smart and identify and then deliver the best possible solution.

Directed by these three principles, Ethos CRS delivers direct services and provides capability-building for public, private and non-government organisations. We train and assist professionals and organisations that analyse, resolve, implement and communicate complex policy problems and programs.

Our name and that funny 'η'

How did we come up with the name Ethos and what is that funny η that appears after our name in our logo?

Ethos CRS was set up by CEO, Chas Savage, in 2005 and started as a speechwriting service. Our name comes from Aristotle who said that audiences are persuaded by the ethical character of the speaker (ethos) as well as the emotion incited in the audience (pathos) and by the power of the reasoning (logos).

The word ethos was used with two different spellings to denote two different meanings. The first spelling, έθος, was used to denote habit or custom and the second spelling, ήθος, was used to signify good character. This is why we have joined ethos to the η. We want our practices and the practices of our clients to be steered not only by the conventions of culture but by honesty, integrity and ethical character—by Image.

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