A phrase to remember if you’re flying over the holidays

You hear new words almost every day, but sometimes you come across one that you just really like. Here’s one that stuck with me and one I think you’ll remember next time you’re travelling.

The word is an evolution of the word ‘combobulate’ which is to put things back together. The context for the phrase is  going through security at an airport. If you’re unlucky, you have to take off your shoes, belt, jacket, hat and anything else that strikes the whim of the security personnel. You take your laptop out of its case, unload your pockets and throw everything into the plastic tubs. Successfully through the beepy gates, you find yourself holding up your pants, freezing cold and slipping in your socks. You probably feel quite discombobulated at this point.

So here comes the refreshing part, the recombobulation. Putting everything back where it belongs. Most airports leave you to recombobulate as fast as you can next to the baggage scanners, but some have put in a whole area just for you where you can take your time recombobulating. Sounds nice. A recombobulation area.

So, to make the security process less painful as you’re travelling over the holidays, look for a recombobulation area … and have a good chuckle at a language that can come up with such a phrase.

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