One bite at a time

Culture is a cruel mistress

By John Preston Radio—Created by Visnezh— On the ABC’s Radio National’s morning program the other day, presenter Fran Kelly chided Federal member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson MP. Henderson used the interview to persistently belt her political opponents rather than debating regional rail links between Geelong and Melbourne—the issue she had been invited onto the program Read more about Culture is a cruel mistress[…]

Maslow's Hierarchy & Bloom's Taxonomy

Learning by numbers—Maslow and Bloom suggest not

By John Preston Humans are curious creatures. On one level, we are capable of profound understanding and complex cognition. On another we are completely dependent on the most basic physiological and emotional needs being met before we can realise our higher-order potential. In the earlier part of last century, Abraham Maslow devised the Hierarchy of Read more about Learning by numbers—Maslow and Bloom suggest not[…]


Focus in feedback: Don’t let feedback turn into a fight

In our courses on Giving and receiving feedback, we find that a lot of people don’t really understand the feedback process—what it is or how to do it properly. Feedback is an integral part of developing a team in an office. A good feedback session is one in which views are exchanged in a respectful way. Read more about Focus in feedback: Don’t let feedback turn into a fight[…]

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