What happy clients have said

Our people

    Presenter was great! Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic on topic, good at controlling the room but keeping it fun.
    I’d like to commend Lynn on the session. Lynn was a fabulous trainer and I found the content exceptionally useful plus her style and approach kept us engaged as a group.
    I loved Mary [Quilty]’s style of presentation—very clear and relevant to my work.
    Mary [Quilty] has a wealth of knowledge and was able to articulate her writing tips to the group in a way that was useful to all. She explained basic punctuation and grammar through to small groups reviewing relevant work samples.
    An engaging presenter with a good level of knowledge providing examples based on real-life experiences. The presenter actually managed to make learning policy development enjoyable.
    Mary [Harwood] was very engaging and knowledgeable and was able to keep the content interesting through case studies and roleplaying. Thank you.
    Mary was a lovely, engaging presenter with a wealth of experience to share.
    The training was well organised and Fiona was a great facilitator—very informative.
    The facilitator was fantastic—really knowledgeable, engaging and very supportive of all participants and their various levels of experience.
    Chas was really great with delivery, knowledge & shared relevant examples.
    I really enjoyed the training. The presenter gave valuable insight on the topic and explained concepts well.
    John created a great learning environment.
    Clearly very knowledgeable and happy to discuss idea/concepts/ further. Very engaging.
    Comprehensive, engaging, good class discussions. Lynn is very knowledgeable.
    Stories, context and humour from Lynn made learning memorable.
    Paul [Howorth] has a very easy style and very capable in engaging participants.
    Paul did a fantastic job of making what could be a boring topic entertaining and educational.

Our workshops

    It was the most useful training I have attended since starting with the department.
    Great course. Extremely relevant and stimulating.
    I am really pleased I attended this training course. It was well worth my time.
    Well done. Thank you. One of the best trainings I have completed.
    Everyone should do it.
    This should be compulsory to all staff.

Our methodology

    Good mix of presenter-led and participant-led activities. Workbook was well thought out and represented the course content.
    I felt that the group activities were most beneficial as they forced you to put the content learned into practice and actually consider how best to approach policy matters.
    The direct linkage to the working documents of FSANZ made this course the best by far. Kudos!
    I found the role-playing useful in helping to think through situations you might encounter in the workplace and how you might deal with them.


    Modules are really well structured.
    I found the eLearning to be interesting, easy to follow and informative. I also think the length of all modules was just right.
    The modules were perfect length and size to engage with. Content was clear, concise and bite size so easy to digest.
    [to "How could the eLearning program be improved?"] Not necessary, you nailed it.
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