Ethos CRS is a specialised training organisation and communications consultancy. We provide leadership, communications, regulation, policy, and performance training across Australia. As a company, Ethos CRS has the capacity and experience to provide professionals with the skills to lead, write, speak, think and act in a manner that is clear, persuasive, logical and ethical.

Engaging sessions that lift performance

Active learning as a method to improve performance

The goal of all Ethos CRS programs is improved performance: improved efficiency in teams, more effective operational practice, and reduced risk and organisational effort. We focus on practical skills that participants can implement immediately, rather than on abstract theories that are disconnected from and unrelated to the work of participants.

Our method is a process of active learning. We do not lecture participants, but through a process of problem-based learning—discussions, exercises and scenarios—we provide participants with the insights needed to examine and solve problems. This process has participants take responsibility for the solutions they develop, and positions them to change what they do the instant they get back to their own workplace.

Participant-led learning

Our approach to training engages participants at every stage of a training day. Participants work through exercises, scenarios and case studies, and give constructive feedback to their colleagues and fellow participants.

We understand participants bring their own knowledge and experience to workshops. The interactive, participant-led model of Ethos CRS allows each participant to contribute unique skills and expertise, the effect of which is to make the learning experience of the group richer and more valuable.

Beyond the training room

Learning is initiated before the face-to-face training session through a series of preliminary readings and activities—e.g. skills audits, checklists, discussions with their teams and/or supervisor—and supported after training through purpose-made reference materials, factsheets and action plans.

Customised content

All workshops Ethos CRS designs and delivers are customised precisely to the agency’s environment and to the specific needs

of participants. We design all exercises and scenarios so that they are exactly relevant to the situations participants encounter in the workplace.

Adult learning principles in action

Each of our workshops provides opportunities for participants to learn on the job (70 per cent of learning) and through peer review (20 per cent of learning) as well as through facilitator-led or formal training (the remaining 10 per cent). We do this by incorporating real-life examples and scenarios and encouraging participants to find their own solutions and approaches.



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