8 December, 2020

Probity and integrity

Dr Julia Cornwell McKean is a certified investigator, probity adviser, auditor and senior facilitator at Ethos CRS. She discusses probity, integrity and procurement in the time of COVID-19 with Chas Savage, Chief Executive Officer, Ethos CRS, and host Genevieve Jacobs.
12 October, 2020

Clear writing style

Getting writing style right as a professional is hard work. So to help and inspire you, we offer a stellar cast of experts. Canberra-based author of Scrublands and Silver, Chris Hammer; director of the Australian National Dictionary Centre, Dr Amanda […]
3 September, 2020

Women in leadership

Join Kate Wall and panellists Suzie Brady, Amelia Tandy and Mary Harwood to discuss how women can grow and thrive as leaders.
24 June, 2020

Leadership in uncertain and changing times

In this webinar, Kate Wall is joined by Chas Savage, Barb Livesey and Fran Freeman, to discuss what it means to be an effective and ethical leader.
26 May, 2020

Imagining the future – policy and coronavirus

Join host Kate Wall and panellists Barbara Livesey, Paul Tilley and Chas Savage as they discuss policy, coronavirus and what the future holds in Ethos CRS’s first webinar.
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