Why you need a plain English editor

An article published on The Mandarin last month perfectly summarised why we think editing documents into plain English is so important.

They write, “A plain English edit starts by analysing the audience for your document and evaluating how well the draft will deliver its intended outcomes.

Government reports often have a diverse readership, ranging from subject matter experts and stakeholder organisations to time-poor executives and the media. Yet they are mostly written for the more technical readers at the expense of the decision makers.

“Too often government reports are organised by the research process.”

A plain English editor can help you map your readers and select the right strategies to balance their needs. If you already have a draft, your editor will assess it against research-based standards. High-volume documents, such as forms or websites, may need more extensive evaluation through surveys, focus groups or usability testing.” (The Mandarin, 2016) Read more here.

If your documents need to be clarified, send us an email at service@ethoscrs.com.au and we’ll write you up a quote.

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