Writing and editing



The writers and editors at Ethos CRS are experts in all levels of writing and editing. As a group, they have written and edited ministerial reports, government submissions, annual reports, books and a wide range of other publications, including fact sheets, consumer and business information, scripts and electronic newsletters.

Ethos CRS is uniquely placed to provide writing services. We have extensive experience working with and for public and private sector agencies—providing both writing and editing services and training programs. In doing so, we have worked closely with key personnel from these agencies to ensure all services we provided are relevant to the specific role and challenges of the agency. The insights we have gained from these projects ensure that we can provide writing services to any agency no matter their need.


Documents must be clear and error-free. However, we often cannot spot our own mistakes. This is where Ethos CRS comes in.

Ethos CRS offers a professional editing service that can help your organisation produce clear and clean pieces of writing.

The Ethos CRS team includes experienced editors who understand how both government departments and non-government organisations function. The team edits, produces and indexes government submissions, ministerial reports, annual reports and a wide range of other publications. To turn complex content into readable text, Ethos CRS offers options from proofreading to full content editing.

Ethos CRS turns around work to tight deadlines within the given budget. We also handle longer-term projects that require multiple drafts and revisions.

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