Communications workshops

You might like to start with a workshop on Principles of clear writing, where we consider some of the basics behind writing clearly and effectively. Now that you’ve got the basics right, it might be time for one of our most popular workshops, Writing to influence. Here, you’ll learn how to write in a way that maximises your chances of influencing others, making you a powerful force in your organisation. You may need to put your persuasive skills to use by managing external stakeholders, in which case Effective stakeholder engagement should help you even further.

In today’s busy world, a great deal of information is delivered on-line. Writing for the web needs a particular style and a particular focus on the structure of the document. We can help you with the specialist knowledge you need to write successfully for the on-line environment in our Writing for the web workshop.

What if you have to write briefs for Senate Estimates, for ministers or for other high-level, time-poor individuals? Our Compelling briefs and correspondence workshop has you covered—another highly popular workshop. If you want to branch out beyond the written word and persuade people face-to-face, then Persuasive and powerful presentations will round off your communications skills with a balance of classical rhetoric and professional vocal techniques.

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