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Specialising in communications, policy and leadership, Ethos CRS applies three principles to the work we do.

Be passionate—champion what is great.

Be smart—identify and then deliver the best possible solutions.

Be efficient—don’t waste time, energy or effort.

Our services

Media skills or a communications strategy; speechwriting or training writers; executive coaching or leadership workshops; capturing perfect images or turning a technical document into clear English, Ethos CRS specialises in communications, policy and leadership.


The services we offer (PDF)


Our clients

Our clients include agencies like the Victorian State Services Authority, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Bureau of Meteorology.

We’re also a member of numerous procurement panels, which makes purchasing easy for public sector agencies.

Our approach

We provide you with the services that enable you to communicate more effectively. We do this by customising our services to address identified needs.

Nothing off the shelf. No one-size-fits-all training course. No lazy clichés in the text we write.

Our focus is to devise and deliver interventions that generate positive change.


Increase productivity

When it comes to building skills and lifting productivity the key is to focus on behaviour. Training courses are one thing, but training has to accord with better practice in the workforce.

When it comes to communications, we’re expert at aligning training with workplace and behavioural change.

Our approach

Want to know exactly what the return on investment is for a given training intervention? Or want to decide whether or not a particular training program is worth the time and effort?

Download TRAINCAL, our productivity calculator, to define the gains you can make from investing in training.

Productivity calculator(EXCEL)