Ethos CRS is Australia's leading organisation for training and advice on communications, regulation, policy and leadership

We deliver content and training for government and business

Ethos CRS is Australia's leading organisation for advice on communications, regulation, policy and leadership

We deliver training and content for government and business

Leadership training

Everything starts with leadership

Effective leaders transform great ideas into reality. They build teams that thrive, survive and succeed, even in the toughest of circumstances. They concentrate on what is important, necessary and valuable. Leadership skills, however, are not always innate, and smart professionals often need new skills to manage and lead staff, teams and organisations effectively.

How Ethos CRS is different

Our facilitators have managed complex organisations, negotiated complex international agreements, and led teams to implement policies and programs. They put the skills of leadership in context, combining practical, hard-earned experience and cutting-edge theory to deliver programs that inspire more effective, efficient, inspiring and ethical leaders.

Ethos CRS is producing the content for the new edition of the Style Manual—a searchable, functional, comprehensive, practical and authoritative guide for writers and editors working in Australian Government agencies.

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5 February, 2020

The summer of our discontents

Now is the summer of our discontents made inglorious by … bushfires, hailstorms, choking smoke, record high temperatures and climate change. And the challenge for governments is how best to respond. In the face of an emergency, a good government slices a response in three ways. The first is the […]
16 December, 2019

A review of the weirdness that was 2019

2019 was a weird year. Bushfires and heat waves in November. Lots of stuff happened and so we list here three moments that we thought were inspiring, strange and surprising. We start with the best. If you are over thirty then you’ve entered the nether world of J. Alfred Prufock, […]
3 October, 2019
writing laptop

Can public servants write well? That’s a multimillion-dollar question

Published in the Public Sector Informant, Canberra Times, on October 1 2019 On a dark and stormy night, a long time ago, a colleague of mine, having spent long hours reviewing and clearing documents, declared that the work of reading as a professional was akin to dragging a coffin through […]
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