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1 June, 2021

Examining a race to war

We are very pleased to publicise the work of one of our colleagues. Dr Judith Betts who delivered writing and policy workshops for Ethos CRS has run a very critical eye over how governments march to war. In The Iraq […]
1 June, 2021

Blackwhite – June 2021

What is said in public life is not always a lie, where black is presented as white. Sometimes, the truth is told, clearly and concisely. Other times, nothing much is said at all. Speaking to the ABC on 18 May […]
1 June, 2021

The tricky balance: deregulation and regulation

Red tape as an issue is again firmly in the eye of the Australian Government, which wishes to save an estimated $430 million per year by deregulating industry and the economy. The thinking is that deregulation will jump start the […]
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