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25 January, 2021

You can eat an apple but not an Apple

  When important messages were carved on stone, no one knew – or cared – about capital letters. All letters were what we now call capital letters. Lower case letters developed later and the effect was to give a distinct meaning. In the old days, writers capitalised whatever they thought […]
2 December, 2020

When you write, make every word count

There’s an old rule of public speaking: ‘Make sure you stop talking before your audience stops listening.’ Same with writing. You have your readers’ attention for only a limited time. You need to make your point before they tune out. So for most business writing that means: as long as […]
1 December, 2020

Nine or 9? The answer may shock you.

Despite being one of the more straightforward changes, the new Australian Government Style Manual’s advice on numerals proved one of the most controversial. The manual suggests using numerals for 2 and above, leaving one and zero holding on to their word form. Granted, the new rule goes against what many […]
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