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2 March, 2021

And the winner is…

A great challenge for a professional officer is to make writing as clear as possible. It’s not just a practical need; for government, it’s a duty to communicate effectively with the public. Today, we publish the result of research that […]
2 March, 2021

Blackwhite – March 2021

We know that we harp on about it, but … The former president of the United States is not a decent or trustworthy man. A sensible person would hear what he says or read what he writes and believe the […]
3 February, 2021

Blackwhite – February 2021

For this edition, we couldn’t quite decide which one of the following deserved the top spot for blackwhite!   1. Recently, Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, delivered a passionate speech at the World Economic Forum. The […]
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