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25 November, 2020

All your writing has tone. Be aware of it.

Imagine you’ve sent this to a colleague: ‘Feel like a drink after work?’ And you get this reply: ‘Dear Mike, thank you for your message of 2.34 pm today suggesting that we should meet for drinks after work this afternoon. I regret that I will be unavailable on this occasion, […]
18 November, 2020

Disability as an uncountable noun

The new Australian Government Style Manual advises us only to use disability in the uncountable form. This reflects the view that specific references to disability are stigmatising and do not treat their subjects as people first. So, write ‘person with disability’, not ‘person with a disability’. We should also avoid […]
11 November, 2020

Tone, voice and register

Tone and voice … What’s the difference? And how can they help us write appropriately for our audience? With these tools we can address formality and the relationship between reader and writer. They also tell us more about who is writing. The new Australian Government Style Manual explains. Tone captures […]
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