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6 July, 2021

The heartbreak of a weeping turtle

Since the start of June, Ethos CRS has been delivering a program of writing workshops for the Fijian Ministry of Civil Service. The program covers report and brief writing; speechwriting; writing project plans and proposals; and writing business processes. In […]
6 July, 2021

Thanking George Orwell

Chas Savage recently spoke at a meeting of the Public Relations Institute of Australia. His topic was George Orwell, the readability of documents produced by Australian Government agencies and why readability and clarity are still important – and not solely […]
6 July, 2021

Blackwhite and yellow – July 2021

Mr Clive Palmer is a wealthy miner who was previously elected to the Australian Parliament as a member of the House of Representatives. He also promotes anti-vaxxer propaganda, the latest of which is below. We have reprinted below the words […]
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