Speech writing

Ethos CRS offers a speech writing service. We have talented speechwriters with many decades of experience. They have written speeches for prime ministers, cabinet ministers, secretaries of Commonwealth departments, chief executive officers and many others. As such they understand the pressures and tension inherent to communication by high level officials and can help you navigate such difficulties.

We can also instruct others on how to craft speeches. Having people on hand who can write compelling speeches is helpful because they likely have first-hand experience with the person giving the speech or its subject matter. Ethos CRS has the experience with coaching and training others in speech writing and can turn your staff into competent speech writers.

As such we understand how to crafting compelling speech that reflects the speaker and engages with the audience. An effective speech can punctuate an event, inspire individuals to take action, clarify the purpose of an organization and more. Poor speeches on the other hand can embrass the speaker and make them look foolish. Speech writing therefore requires logical thought, an understanding of the audience, and a finely tuned ear to the cadence and texture of the spoken word.

Speech writing services

We have the skills to:

  • write the speech you require
  • train your staff to write speeches
  • mentor your staff through the process of writing particular speeches.

The kinds of speeches we have written include:

  • policy announcements
  • landmark speeches
  • statements
  • launches
  • seminars.

If you need a thoughtful, engaging, well-constructed speech for any occasion, Ethos CRS offers speech writing services at a competitive rate. the writers at Ethos CRS can write it for you or help you craft it.

Please contact us at service@ethoscrs.com.au if you would like to learn more.
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