Tender writing

In today’s competitive commercial environment, responding to complex requests for tenders reduces an organisations capacity to complete their core business.

However, a constant supply of new work is essential to the success of the business.

Ethos CRS provides competitive tender writing services that will manage the load for you.

Preparing for tender requests, especially when you don’t have expert staff on hand who understand how to meet government specifications, is difficult. Ethos CRS has knowledgeable staff who can draft, manage and produce a compelling response to a request for tender on your behalf. We work closely with you to analyse and understand your business to present you in the best possible light. Our intimate knowledge of the public service gives us an edge when it comes to applying for tender.

While we meticulously prepare the tender response, you are able to continue with your core business knowing that the end result will be a well-prepared response that meets the exact specifications of the request.

Our experience

Ethos CRS has helped a number of private organisations understand the complexities of tender requests and prepare competitive responses. These include:

  • Laser Plumbing
  • Fujitsu Australia
  • Anglicare
  • Landmark plumping
  • Dickson Aquatic Centre.

Our expert tender writers

Ethos CRS has an expert team of writers and editors that can help your organisation write a winning tender response. Our writers and editors include:

  • Susannah Bishop
  • Patrick Quinn Quirke
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