Best practice in governance and decision making

Technological advances are transforming industries and disrupting existing practices and players, and are calling into question whether or not established regulatory structures can deal with emerging harms.

Along with this, increased media scrutiny has fueled public expectations that regulators must solve or resolve all problems while still efficiently allocating and managing limited budgets.

These pressures have prompted governments to focus on regulatory reform. Governments are seeking to manage both risks and opportunities more effectively. They are implementing measures to reduce regulatory burden, boost economic productivity, and secure and improve policy outcomes.

To meet these challenges, Best practice in governance and decision-making assists regulatory agencies in developing staff’s technical knowledge and operational and communication skills to create and administer high-performing regulatory systems. It develops strategic capability to anticipate and respond to the complex problems that constitute the contemporary regulatory environment.

Ethos CRS brings to Best practice in governance and decision-making our facilitators' decades of experience in the public sector, detailed knowledge of regulatory theory and practice, and deep commitment to delivering better public value.

Workshops about tangible skills that reduce harms

  • Core concepts in regulation
  • Regulatory design and development
  • Governance, decision-making
    and regulatory discretion
  • Advanced regulatory thinking:
    posture and maturity
  • Strategic regulation:
    effective interventions in a complex environment
  • Contemporary compliance strategies
  • Risk-based regulation
  • Crisis management and planning
  • Effective regulatory writing
  • ‘Nudge’ and regulatory practice
  • Administrative law
  • Monitoring, compliance and evaluation
  • Enforcement awareness
  • Regulatory advice and guidance
  • Statutory interpretation
  • Performance evaluation
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